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One Degree Monday May 25 2020

Mix Your Marketing Strategies: How Digital And Analog Can Work Together

Digital marketing is often treated as the gold standard because of what it can tell you about your audience. But nothing beats the reach of a more traditional, wide-scale campaign (although certainly it costs a bit more). Both have appealing points—as well as disadvantages.


Shops are reopening after COVID-19, and some are adding a new line to your bill to pay for it

As businesses take their first cautious steps toward reopening, Canadians should brace themselves for the possibility of seeing a new fee tacked on to their bill: a COVID-19 surcharge.

Retailers have been hit hard by the pandemic, as social distancing requirements forced many of them to shut down, and the ones that remained open could serve only a fraction of their previous clientele.


Four Ways To Adapt Your E-Commerce Digital Marketing Strategy To The Current Crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically changed our lives, our habits and the business market. Many people are staying at home and maintaining social distance. This has affected our daily activities as well as what we purchase.


Apple, Google release their joint technology for pandemic-tracking apps

Apple and Google released long-awaited smartphone technology Wednesday to notify people automatically if they might have been exposed to the coronavirus.

The companies said 22 countries and several U.S. states are already planning to build voluntary phone apps using their software. It relies on Bluetooth wireless technology to detect when someone who downloaded the app has spent time near another app user who later tests positive for the virus.



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