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One Degree Tuesday May 26, 2020

TikTok is breeding a new batch of child stars. Psychologists say what comes next won’t be pretty.

The biggest stars of 2020 are kids who have gone viral on social media.
Experts say these young influencers are even more at risk for developing problems than previous generations of child stars, as their lives are constantly broadcast (and observed by) millions worldwide.


Doctor Google is almost always wrong, study

Have you ever Googled your symptoms online? Most of us have.

A new study focusing on the accuracy of diagnosis online and offline, suggests that online symptom checkers are only accurate about a third of the time.


Google’s John Mueller: Don’t Create a Sitemap Manually

Google’s John Mueller recently advised an SEO not to manually create a sitemap for a large website, and offered more appropriate solutions.

This exchange occurred in a Reddit thread on the r/SEO subreddit. An SEO was looking for advice on creating a sitemap for a website with over 2 million products.


Microsoft Issues Bold Strike To Google Chrome With New Features You Need Now

Microsoft’s revamped Edge browser has only been available for a few months, but it’s already putting pressure on Google’s market-leading Chrome. Now Microsoft has just issued a bold strike to Chrome with a set of cool and timely new features in Edge 83.


COVID-19 pandemic uniting Canadians like no other event in decades

A new study by researchers from McGill University and the University of Toronto finds a cross-partisan consensus on battling COVID-19 in Canada. Unlike in the U.S., this consensus is fostering broad agreement on the threats posed by the pandemic and the actions necessary to contain it – all of which is crucial to efforts to fight the virus.



  1. Snake
    Snake June 4, 2020

    But how do you know so much? I am astounded. Or astounding.

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