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One Degree Wednesday May 27 2020

Canada not immune to the virus of COVID-19 conspiracies

Like the coronavirus, conspiracy theories and misinformation about COVID-19 are contagious and can spread easily among Canadians.


Now is the time for life-changing innovation 

In looking at the history of innovation, one of the most extraordinary findings is that so many of our ‘modern’ inventions and, thus, way of life, have their origins in times of great hardship from wars to pandemics.


Seven More SEO Myths To Let Go Of

It can be nearly impossible for a beginner to tell what will work and what won’t when it comes to SEO strategies. If you’ve decided that you need SEO but aren’t quite ready to hire a good SEO company, it might be better to stay the course than to veer into the unknown. The potential to do more harm than good is real.


Mobile networks in rural Canada are some of the fastest in the world

Canada’s rural download speeds have been heralded as some of the fastest in the world, outpacing five of the G7 countries in Opensignal’s State of Rural Canada’s Mobile Network Experience1.


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