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One Degree Monday June 8 2020

Social media, good and bad

While the majority of provinces are loosening stay-at-home restrictions, social distancing and social media have become important parts of everyday life, but are we spending too much time on our phones?

UBC Okanagan’s associate psychology professor Susan Holtzman discusses how we are connecting through social media and if we should be ditching our electronics when practicing social distancing.


This Era is All About Digital Marketing: Says Rishabh Jain, a Digital Entrepreneur

Digital marketer and entrepreneur Rishabh Jain, owner of Digital Business Incubator, believes that the digital marketing era has just begun in India. Shortly, digital marketing is going to take over almost all other ways of marketing. With the increased usage of mobile, laptops, tablets and internets, it has become super easy to target audiences nowadays is what Rishabh thinks and suggests to other newbies.


10 Tips for Making the Most of Popular Online Marketing Channels and Tech Tools

Marketing a business requires several tools and platforms. From Facebook to blogging, understanding the options available and their features can go a long way. Here are some tips from members of the online small business community to help you make sense of these popular marketing channels.


Is flirting on social media cheating?

Rather than answer a question this week, I’m going to address a trend I’m seeing in the emails you send me. This COVID-19 virus has affected us all — whether you’ve had it or not — and because we are home and unable to get out, many are online much more than they used to be. You have lots of people connecting via social media, possibly who shouldn’t reconnect because they are now in a relationship with someone else.



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