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One Degree Tuesday June 9 2020

Apple Confirms Serious New Problem For iPhone Users

Picked up by Macrumors, a growing number of iPhone owners are taking to Reddit, tech forums and social media to report a flaw with their iPhone displays. For some, the issue appears to be triggered by a recent iOS update, but for others it has been accepted by Apple as a hardware fault which has required a new display.


What Is the Best Word Count for SEO?

“How many words do I need to write?”

It’s a question I often hear when talking to clients about needing copy to enhance their pages.

The purpose of the copy, the detail it needs to contain and the audience it is speaking to are often secondary considerations.


Back to the Future of Digital Marketing

Have we all had enough? Of course. Do we know when the dust will finally settle on the Covid-19 Crisis? Not yet. In the meantime, if you’re an entrepreneur, particularly in digital marketing, you’ve been bending and twisting like a yogi to adapt to the changes the crisis has created. It’s a wild new topography, isn’t it? Step right, and you land new customers and inspire even greater loyalty; step wrong and you twist an ankle or a knee.


7 Biggest Digital Marketing Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid

It has completely changed the scenario of traditional marketing, which usually takes more time to approach the audience. People are more engaging with digital marketing materials because of the progression of digital platforms like social networks, video sites, mobile applications, etc.


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