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One Degree Wednesday June 17 2020

Social media companies distrusted by most Americans on content decisions -poll

Most Americans do not trust social media companies to make the right decisions about what should be allowed on their platforms, but trust the government even less to make those choices, according to a poll released on Tuesday by Gallup and the Knight Foundation.


Social Media App Parler Releases ‘Declaration Of Internet Independence’ Amidst #Twexit Campaign

In the midst of its effort to drive censorship concerned users away from Twitter, the social media app Parler released its own “Declaration of Internet Independence.” While it reads like a bit of a gimmick at times, Parler calls it a “plan to return to the original vision of the internet.”


Zero-touch technology could make it safe to use elevators and ATMs again

It still isn’t clear how easily the coronavirus spreads on surfaces—the CDC says that it’s possible to become infected by touching a virus-covered surface and then touching your face, though it’s “not thought to be the main way the virus spreads.” Still, the virus can last on some surfaces for days, and as businesses reopen, it’s hard for anyone entering a public space not to be hyperaware of all of the places that might have intercepted someone else’s sneeze or cough, from door handles to checkout touchscreens. New technology that doesn’t require you to touch anything could help.


The Real Metrics to Measure in Online Marketing

Spray and pray is not the best “strategy.”

You’re ready to lean more heavily into the digital marketing and sales space. Great! But the question remains: What exactly are the metrics to measure with online marketing?

From website views (or sessions) to social media reach to email opens, where do you start? And more importantly, where do you spend your analytics time?



  1. Create a Wikipedia page
    Create a Wikipedia page June 18, 2020

    Amidst its push to drive restriction concerned clients from Twitter, the web based life application Parler discharged its own “Presentation of Internet Independence.” While it peruses like somewhat of a trick now and again, Parler considers it a “plan to come back to the first vision of the web.”

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    Geek January 12, 2021

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    arseniykuzma November 30, 2023

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