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One Degree Thursday June 18 2020

Google Confirms Serious New Problems For Chrome Users

Making the eye-catching render issues on macOS seem quaint, Google has confirmed that since Microsoft’s massive Windows 10 ‘May 2020’ update Chrome can no longer keep users signed-in, sync data, store cookies, remember passwords or third party extension data – sometimes deleting the extension completely. Moreover, Google saw this coming two months ago.


Ottawa And Ontario Announce Support For Online Commerce

On June 11, 2020, the federal and Ontario governments announced an investment of C$57-million to expand a Toronto-based program called Digital Main Street; this will help up to 22,900 small businesses across southern Ontario move online in an effort to recover from diminished revenues and prepare to reopen. The funding will allow businesses to reach more customers, boost sales and generate co-op jobs for more than 1,400 students.


Singapore retailers must reassess digital strategy post-pandemic

Retail businesses in Singapore that once overlooked the need to offer a robust online channel now will need to reassess their digital strategy, as consumers are expected to continue heading online for their purchases post-pandemic. Attention also should go towards ensuring logistics and supply chains are not bottlenecks when online demand and sales surge.


Facebook strikes agreement with Canadian Press to create eight reporting jobs

The digital giant says it will provide $1 million through a one-year fellowship initiative to allow the news agency to hire, train, equip and provide salary and benefits for reporters to be added to its newsrooms from Halifax to Vancouver.


Social media is not the place for a proper conversation – too many people have mince for brains

This is proving a difficult column to write because I think I’m going mad. Well, not so much mad, as disjointed. Nothing is cohering. Is it because I have, believe it or not, cut my drink intake by 50 per cent? Hunter S Thompson’s old mantra “when the going gets weird, the weird turn pro” used to be a comfort and an inspiration but now that things really have turned weird, I’m not so sure. Maybe I wasn’t that weird in the first place. Or maybe it’s because the milk has gone off and I’m feeling too tired to go to the shop and get some more. (No milk means no tea, and no tea means ruin and disaster.)


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