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One Degree Friday June 19 2020

How the US lost its way on innovation

In early March I started getting calls from people trying to respond to what was clearly turning into a global pandemic. A government agency that funds R&D wanted help connecting its research teams with experts on scale-up and manufacturing. An academic lab was searching for folks in government or industry who knew about the ventilator supply chain. Other government funders wanted to get in touch with industry startups in 3D printing, ventilators, and personal protective equipment. They were contacting me because I’ve spent my career working in science and technology across government, industry, and academia, which makes me a rare connection point among all those worlds.


Twitter Launches Audio Clips in Tweets on iOS

After it shared a test of audio clips in tweets last month, Twitter has today launched the option to add 140-second audio clips to tweets among a selected group of users on iOS.


As Crisis Fuels Innovation, Technology Can Help

Crises like the one we are in today serve as an acute reminder of how connected we all are: United in suffering and in coming together to fight against this outbreak.


Here’s How To Improve Your Organic SEO Results Before Paying A Dime

IF YOU’VE BEEN spending money on Google AdWords, paid social ads, and banners, and you’re not seeing evidence that your advertising dollars are paying off, you’re not alone. We’ll look at several reasons for this over the next few months. But for today, let’s talk about why you should focus on optimizing your website for on-page SEO results before investing in paid traffic.





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  1. Nathan Gamer
    Nathan Gamer October 19, 2020

    Thanks for sharing this post. Very interesting and informative.

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