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One Degree Monday June 22 2020

Google To Launch Canada, US Accelerator Focused on Women Founders

Google is set to launch a new accelerator program focused on women founders in Canada and the United States.

The program, called The Google for Startups Accelerator: Women Founders, is set to launch over the next few months and is open to women-led technology startups. Applications for the program open on June 22.


Here’s Why You Should Outsource Your SEO Requirements

Although this is true, it is also confirmed that, contrary to maintaining marketing in house, companies opt for SEO outsourcing. Any guess why? The simple reason for this is that creating an in-house SEO team is an expensive project with no assured outcomes. SEO outsourcing, on the other hand, offers guaranteed relative rankings for a much lesser cost. You don’t have to worry about in-house performance and the latest SEO trends to increase your rankings.


Google Has Released a New, Pinterest-Style App called ‘Keen’

Back in Pinterest’s early days, when it was a simply pin-board style platform where people could share their interests, Google probably didn’t care, probably wasn’t interested in what Pinterest had to offer. But over the years, as Pinterest has morphed into a visual discovery engine, and increasingly focused on eCommerce, Google has watched it slowly, but surely, nibbling at the edges of its core search business.


Canada Marijuana Sales Slump in April After Coronavirus Stockpiling

Canadians seem to be easing off marijuana a bit, at least as far as the latest sales figures reveal. On Friday, Statistics Canada released its national retail sales data for April, revealing that purchases from licensed marijuana stores fell slightly (by 1%) on a month-over-month basis to land at around 180 million Canadian dollars ($132 million).



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  1. Casinoshunter
    Casinoshunter July 7, 2020

    Hope they will finally launch it. Strongly relying on it

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