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One Degree Wednesday June 24 2020

Technology for a no-touch world

Sometimes, a technology arrives just in time to save us from a problem that the technology wasn’t created to solve. In the early 1900s, for instance, the automobile came along just as burgeoning cities became alarmed that an explosion in horse traffic might bury their streets in manure.


Diane Francis: Two years after social media’s dirty tricks were exposed, nothing has changed

In 2018, British journalist Carole Cadwalladr exposed how the outcome of the Brexit referendum was engineered through a massive Facebook campaign. The social media giant accepted ads that spread disinformation, smears, inaccuracies and fear, in the form of both ads and “news” content pushed into users’ feeds, on behalf of the Vote Leave campaign.


Conservative election spending outpaced Liberals by a little and the NDP by a lot

The Conservatives spent nearly to the limit in the 2019 federal election — more than the Liberals did and almost triple the amount shelled out by the New Democrats.

Campaign returns filed by most parties and posted to Elections Canada’s website show the Conservatives spent $28.9 million during the fall election campaign, nearly hitting the $29.1 million limit. This was narrowly more than the $26.1 million the Liberals spent.


iOS 14 will let you tap the back of your iPhone to launch apps

As often happens with big events like WWDC, there are plenty of new features that don’t get announced on stage. One such new feature with iOS 14 will let users quickly perform actions by tapping the back of their iPhone.

Read more at iOS 14 will let you tap the back of your iPhone to launch apps




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