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One Degree Thursday July 2 2020

New NAFTA will impact auto, dairy and digital sector. Here’s how

The Canada-U.S.-Mexico trade agreement (CUSMA) launched Wednesday, replacing the 26-year-old North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), as the global economy and international trade reel from the fallout of the coronavirus pandemic.


Social media platforms face a reckoning over hate speech

For years, social media platforms have fueled political polarization and hosted an explosion of hate speech. Now, with four months until the U.S. presidential election and the country’s divisions reaching a boiling point, these companies are upping their game against bigotry and threats of violence.

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The social media advertising boycott goes global

There’s new pressure on Facebook and Twitter to do more to rid their platforms of dangerous, false or corrosive content.

The organizers of a boycott of Facebook say their campaign is going global. The campaign to get companies to stop buying social media advertising already has support from companies like Verizon, Patagonia and Unilever.


Young Canadian creators making waves on TikTok

Every year on #SocialMediaDay, we celebrate social media’s impact on communication and culture, and 2020 has given us plenty to look at.

While the novel coronavirus pandemic has been driving us apart physically, social media has enabled us to maintain our social bonds.


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