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One Degree Monday July 6 2020

Federal Government Launches Digital Solution to Connect Business Registries Across Canada

The federal government has launched a new digital solution aimed to make business registration and reporting easier. Four western provinces are now offering the solution for businesses to connect their business registries.


Can we call this progress?

In December 2017, the INDU Committee released the CASL Review.  According to the Report: “The statutory review of CASL took place between September 26 and December 12, 2017. Throughout that period, the Committee held 13 meetings, heard from 41 witnesses and received 29 briefs from a wide array of stakeholders and experts. The recommendations presented herein to the Government of Canada carefully reflect and acknowledge the evidence and concerns received by the Committee.” Dan Ruimy, M.P.


What Is the Best Time to Post on Instagram?

Since Instagram came to light on 6th October 2010, it has grown into the largest photo-sharing social media platform.

Instagram has over 1 billion active monthly users, according to a 2018 report by TechCrunch. More than 95 million photos are published on the platform every day. Additionally, the most engaging social media platform gets over 4.2 billion likes every day.


Quebec government suspends all advertising on Facebook during July

The Quebec government says it is joining an international boycott of Facebook by refusing to advertise on the social network during the month of July.

Premier Francois Legault’s office made the announcement today in a news release, stating its intention is to show the importance the Quebec government places on the fight against racism.



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