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One Degree Wednesday July 8 2020

Conspiracy theories about 5G networks have skyrocketed since COVID-19

Some extreme right-wing groups have even developed conspiracy theories linking 5G to the COVID-19 pandemic. Some activists have gone as far as setting fire to telecommunications towers in Belgium, the Netherlands and recently in Québec. A couple from Sainte-Adèle has been formally accused of setting fire to two cellphone towers; allegedly, they are behind a wave of fires that damaged at least seven towers in the northern suburbs of Montréal.


Study Says Last-Mile Delivery Most Inefficient Process for More Than Half of North American Transportation and Logistics Companies

The transportation and logistics (T&L) industry has experienced significant disruptions due to the steep rise in e-commerce and rapidly changing consumer expectations. With a greater variety and quantity of purchases being shipped directly to consumers’ homes, combined with expectations that necessitate rapid, often same-day deliveries, last-mile delivery strategies have never been more important.


Canada to introduce virus tracing app in July

Canada is introducing a contact tracing smartphone app that will notify Canadians of exposure to the new coronavirus.


News Media Canada Calls for Local Journalism Initiative Applications for Short-term and Freelance Projects

News Media Canada, the voice of Canada’s print and digital news media industry, is calling today for new applications to its Local Journalism Initiative program.


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