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One Degree Monday July 13 2020

The rich brats of social media are finally getting their comeuppance

Remember the 20th century? Phones had dials; the closest thing anyone had to Internet erotica was waiting up until midnight for the Soloflex infomercial, and — most outdated of all — people who had money tried to be discreet about it.


An online career community for women

During the COVID-19 pandemic the focus has been on women supporting each other to help build financial security. In these uncertain times and an economic slowdown, women and working harder than they ever did, both at home and at work.


Ariele Lite Is a Fun and Refreshing Theme for WordPress Bloggers

Ariele Lite, the latest theme from Rough Pixels, went live in the WordPress theme directory today. In an ecosystem where designers are dubbing most themes as multipurpose, it is refreshing to see a well-designed theme that is unafraid to cater specifically to bloggers.


Everything We Know About Apple’s Smart Glasses

Tim Cook is known for prophesying the promise of augmented reality (AR), a technology that overlays digital graphics onto the real world, usually a smartphone or tablet. In 2016, the Apple CEO even said it would one day become as commonplace as “eating three meals a day.”


Advanced SEO Techniques That Will Double Your Search Traffic 

It is important to keep in mind that advanced on & off page SEO techniques are to a great extent dependent on good content. To put in simple words it is truly more critical than ever to deliver high-quality digital marketing services for businesses to keep up a good rank on the search engine. We must, therefore, follow the latest trends.




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