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One Degree Thursday July 16 2020

Huawei: Five things to know about the Chinese telecom giant

Britain on Tuesday said it would ban mobile carriers from buying new 5G Huawei equipment from 2021. The British decision was triggered by new US sanctions that blocked the company’s access to key US equipment


Zulu Alpha Kilo Hosts 24-Hour Livestream Fundraiser To Save The Advertising & Design Club Of Canada

In the style of a 1970s-80s-era telethon fundraiser, Toronto agency Zulu Alpha Kilo hosted a 24-hour livestreamed event on Saturday to raise money to save the Advertising & Design Club of Canada (ADCC), considered to be the country’s oldest industry club. The 71-year-old organization blamed recent financial struggles on the ongoing pandemic.


Why insurers joined Facebook ad boycott

Canadian insurers are taking part in a month-long campaign to halt advertising on Facebook and its companies to send a message to the social media giant about its practices in allowing hateful content and misinformation to be spread on its sites.


How ecommerce brands are incorporating live streaming into digital strategy

The China Internet Report predicts China’s livestreaming market will reach 613 million users in 2020. That makes live commerce big business in China, with more than 900 live-streaming sites now allowing consumers to interact and buy from brands in real-time – a market that, according to forecasts by iiMedia, will reach RMB 916bn by the end of 2020.


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