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One Degree Friday July 17 2020

Interbrand Break-Through Brands 2020

This is Breakthrough Brands, Interbrand’s compilation of companies who are challenging category and cultural norms, pushing sector innovation to new, unexplored areas, and making even the biggest competitors take notice.


Investing In Employees Is The Best Strategy Business Owners Must Employe!

As an entrepreneur, you know that running a successful business means making a wide range of different investments. Companies must invest their time, money, and resources into a variety of different channels including technology, research and development, advertising and marketing, social media, security and much more.


Several High Profile Twitter Accounts Hacked in Massive Security Breach

With the US Presidential election only months away, this is an especially concerning incident.

From about 1pm on Wednesday, a range of celebrity and brand accounts started tweeting out a message promoting a crypto giveaway, in which funds sent to a specified bitcoin wallet would send back double the amount to the user.


These 10 essential browser tweaks fix the web’s biggest annoyances

This rusty ol’ internet of ours sure has a lot to offer, but man, oh man, can it be annoying to use. From ad-infested websites to autoplaying videos and an endless array of pop-up provocations, it’s a wonder anyone makes it through the day without going completely berserk.



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