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One Degree Tuesday July 21 2020

Four Digital Marketing Areas To Focus On During Crisis Recovery

Many business owners and marketers are finding themselves in a similar situation today. The pandemic has caused many challenges, put previous marketing ideas on hold and even changed the ways we operate. As we look to get our businesses back in gear, your target market needs to know you’re still there.


How to Check If a Used iPhone Is Stolen Before You Buy It

Buying a used iPhone from eBay or Craigslist is a great way to save money. But a second-hand iPhone introduces a new set of risks to your purchase. Besides the fact that it could be damaged or locked to a certain network, you also need to be careful you don’t buy a stolen iPhone by mistake.


Is the pandemic finally the moment for a universal basic income?

When Andrew Yang dropped out of the Democratic presidential primary in February, he had no way of knowing that within weeks one of the central pillars of his failed campaign would move from the fringes of American political conversation to the very center of global policy debates. Citing looming labor market disruptions brought on by accelerating workplace automation, Yang ran on the idea of instituting a universal basic income (UBI), an idea that’s lived at the outskirts of American political thought—though never quite in the mainstream—for 250 years. Specifically, Yang proposed the U.S. government pay each of its adult citizens $1,000 per month (in lieu of some of the benefits the government currently offers) to alleviate poverty and gird all Americans for the day the robots come for their jobs, a notion dismissed by its many, many detractors as fantasy.



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