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Thank you!

Doing my month-end data analysis.

First, thank you for your interest in One Degree. It has been amazing seeing the numbers climb. And it is a pleasure serving up information that people find interesting. I will get into that later in this post!

Below is the average “impressions” One Degree receives from site visits and Social Media interactions:

From Aug 2019 – July 2020

  • Daily 20,000
  • Weekly 107,000
  • Monthly 431,000
  • Annual 5.180,000

Before I purchased the site we saw average daily unique site visits of between 300 – 500 throughout 2003 – 2009.

In the year from Aug 2019 – July 2020 our average daily unique visit counts are around the 2,000 mark.

There was an increase during the COVID period with a spike in March of 2020 of, on average, 3,000 unique visitors daily. And we only publish Monday – Friday!

I think I am just scratching the surface here!

In 2 years of testing, I saw that the One Degree Daily Briefing category was receiving far better responses.

In the past, I had worked with several large organizations and one project I implemented was what I called “EIS.” If MIS is Management Information Services then EIS is Executive Information Services. I believed that bite-sized marketing information for folks like me would be of interest! You have confirmed that belief!

And, all I know is what interests me.

I build the Daily Briefing around what would be of interest to me. So if there are other folks with similar interests – we have a winner!

So what am I basing all this on?

Over my career, I have been a Creative Director at large traditional and digital media agencies. I have been a President and CEO of a large Public Company, lectured at three Universities, and have been an entrepreneur with my own consulting firm.

So what interests me?

  • First and foremost Canadian information in the digital area
  • Advertising info in Canada (And I try and be coast-to-coast!)
  • Business and Marketing Strategy
  • Some timely geeky stuff of interest … including technology news
  • Current events that are relevant to Canadian Business executives
  • And other stuff that is up-to-the-minute general business news

I have 50 or so alerts on different topics I get daily and scan 70 or so news feeds and subscriptions to what I believe are reputable publications.

Out of that, I compile a half dozen articles and select three, four, or five relevant ones for the Daily Briefing.

And it is all about business. Canadian business!

I am going to test a couple of theories I have that I believe will improve One Degree.

I think I am serving up what folks want, but could it be better? More focused? Tighter?

You betcha … everything can always be better!

If you don’t mind I will conduct a couple of surveys to see what you think? Your input is always appreciated!

And again thank you for being a One Degree reader.

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