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One Degree Wednesday August 5 2020

Digital advertising tips in the face of Covid-19

It is a matter of course that when a downturn rears its ugly head, the first budget to be slashed is marketing. But Covid-19 hasn’t been just any old downturn. Unlike a ‘normal’ recession, this time around, consumers are still largely consuming and interacting with brands. And while sectors such as travel and retail have cut spend, most have recalibrated their marketing to suit the circumstances, with varying degrees of success.


Understanding Canadian Cybersecurity Laws: “Insert Something Clever Here” — Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation (Article 5)

As we continue to adapt to the changing demands to navigate the spread of COVID-19, an increasing number of workspaces and social interactions have had to rely much more heavily on email and other online forms of electronic forms communication.


Canadian professor hits back at critics of ‘diversity’ essay in top science journal

A Canadian professor who sparked a backlash by using a prestigious international scientific journal to question the impact of diversity hiring on the quality of scientific research has hit back at his detractors, saying he was the victim of a social media tempest.


TYH: You’re in control of who and what you see on social media: Social media filtering

“You should surround yourself with people that make you feel better, who build you up and support you,” those are the words of Mary Lu Spagrud, Manager of Education and Projects with the Canadian Mental Health Association in Prince George, in regards to who you should surround yourself with on social media.


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