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One Degree Thursday August 6 2020

Creating the office of the future

The corporate office is on the brink of a major renovation. The lockdowns that began in the U.S. in mid-March in response to the novel coronavirus created an extraordinary migration as employees across the country began working at home.


McDonald’s Canada mobile app rewards program now includes fries

McDonald’s Canada has revamped its mobile rewards program to include fries as a new reward option for customers.

Read more at McDonald’s Canada mobile app rewards program now includes fries


Brand Integrity Guide

Affiliate marketing can be a powerful addition to any company’s marketing program and is successfully used by brands around the world. However, like any marketing channel, it comes with challenges.


#10 Ways How Brands and Influencers Can Grow Their Social Media Presence

Within the past few years, marketing in social media channels has grown rapidly. The more one talks about the planet of social media and digital marketing, the more it feels is spoken less about it; such is that the power it’s shown over the years and therefore the reach of the web mediums which has helped make a reputation for therefore many within the world. To grow with the growing advancements of the industry, one must be in sync with the changing dynamics of the industry. Social media began as a way to attach people. However, today it’s become a go-to destination for businesses.


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