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One Degree Monday August 10 2020

Prince Harry hits out at social media for creating ‘crisis of hate’

Prince Harry has hit out at social media companies for creating a “crisis of hate” and called for “meaningful digital reform” after an unprecedented advertiser boycott of Facebook.


A 14-year Canadian Parliament member shares lessons on finding common ground

Honorable Mike Lake MP was elected to the Canadian Parliament in 2006. In 2019, Lake was re-elected to a fifth term, receiving the highest vote total out of all candidates, from all parties, across of Canada. Lake shares personal lessons on how to establish trust and find common ground with all stakeholders


Beirut explosion: How conspiracy theories spread on social media

Whilst most of the videos appeared authentic, filmed by residents from their homes, rumours about the cause of the blast were also quickly shared on platforms such as Twitter and WhatsApp.


7 Ways to Improve your Social Media Channels

A successful social media marketing strategy will help you in all the necessary steps that you need to take to remain relevant and dominate the market. Proper social media management will help you to attract followers and engage your fans in various ways. The main objective is to convert your audience into customers.



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