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One Degree Wednesday August 12 2020

Seven myths of business experimentation

When Isaac Newton published his third law of motion in 1687 — that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction — he unintentionally gave us a conceptual model that extended beyond the motion of physical objects. About 300 years later, the economist Albert Hirschman applied this action–reaction lens to the study of political, social, and economic progress and arrived at a provocative conclusion.


Overcoming the Obstacles of a Modern ‘Digital’ Strategy

Modern businesses need to awaken to the fact that, in today’s business environments, a ‘digital strategy’ is about much more than ‘digital’: it’s really customer, business and growth strategies all rolled into one.


How to Inspect Search Engine Crawls for Better SEO

Marketers are likely to feel a bit budget-crazy these days. Every campaign is linked to a budget, and the interruptions from the COVID-19 pandemic have thrown budgets into chaos.


Take beef-related social media posts with a big pinch of salt

There have recently been a few beef-related hoaxes and poorly interpreted data correlations going around social media. I was disappointed to see that they were circulated by people who are actually involved in the beef system and not solely by those involved in anti-agriculture forums.


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