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One Degree Thursday August 13 2020

Spree Is Nasty, Clever Satire for the Influencer Era

IT’S A SCENE that’ll be familiar to anyone who has lost a few hours to YouTube: A blandly handsome young man smiles and adjusts his camera. “Hey guys,” he greets the screen. “What’s up?”


Brands Must Amplify Simplicity To Be Heard

The modern digital age exposes consumers to unprecedented levels of information, with much of it coming from brands and businesses. In 1980, 25 years before the advent of the smartphone, Americans were exposed to the equivalent of 10 gigabytes of data per day. 28 years later, in 2008,


Facebook will now show a warning before you share articles about COVID-19

Facebook’s latest attempt to help combat the spread of potentially harmful COVID-19 misinformation involves a new notification screen that will provide more context about an article or other link, like when it was first shared and its source.


Three Ways 2020 Has Changed The Social Media Landscape

This year has been action-packed: So far, there’s been a presidential impeachment trial, a pandemic and a worldwide movement for equality (not to mention the SpaceX launch and the Tiger King phenomenon). Popular culture has made amazingly sharp twists and turns and, unsurprisingly, social media has been right on its heels.


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