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One Degree Monday August 17 2020

New digital festival aims to help multicultural groups tell stories in their own voices

A new online festival is celebrating different cultural communities in Manitoba and empowering them to tell their own stories in their own ways.

Ethno Fest 2020, an initiative of non-profit media platform U Multicultural, aims to bring understanding to cultural groups in the province beyond just sharing food and performances, said the organization’s founder, Taya Rtichsheva.


Industry Directory

Welcome to the Interactive Ontario Industry Directory. The Interactive Digital Media (IDM) sector is diverse and thriving, and the directory connects companies across sectors to help them find and connect with clients, partners, professional services, funding agencies, and more.


Leveraging the Google PAA (People Also Ask) element on a Search Results Page for Targeted Content Creation with a Python Scraper

All businesses that are online today are creating content at a furious pace. According to Technavio, a research firm, content marketing will grow by an incremental $269.24 billion.


Best Ad Blockers for 2020

There are countless areas users are bombarded with annoying ads. It can be from websites, or you head over to YouTube and are halfway through an intriguing clip to find it paused and you have to sit through a strategically placed ad.


Digital Strategy: Stacks Versus Suites

As consumers become digitally fluent, they expect companies to master new technologies and provide a seamless experience across all channels. However, with the proliferation of marketing channels and ever-changing consumer patterns, keeping pace can be challenging.



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