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One Degree Wednesday August 19 2020

Half of employees hesitant to return to the office as pandemic lingers on

According to the survey, 54% percent of the population is afraid to return to work in light of the contagiousness of the novel coronavirus, and roughly 60% plan to refuse going back if they feel it’s not safe enough. Those findings come from a poll of 1,010 Canadians conducted with online research platform Methodify between July 22 and 24.


TikTok Launches New Information Center to Counter Inaccurate Rumors About the App

Amid ongoing negotiations about its future, and its likely sell-off to an American-owned organization to avoid a ban in the US, TikTok has this week launched a new information hub, which it says will ‘serve as a source of truth’ in counter to the various rumors around the app.


Credential-stuffing attacks target Canadian government services

Canadian government services have been targeted in credential-stuffing attacks and about 15,000 accounts have been compromised, including those used to provide COVID-19 relief benefits.

Those behind the attacks compromised 5,500 Canada Revenue Agency accounts, a service portal that enables Canadians to view and manage tax and benefits information along with more than 9,000 GCKey accounts, a portal used by federal departments to provide access to information on government services.


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