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One degree Friday August 21 2020

WordPress 5.5 has a huge flaw and it is breaking websites

There are two main issues. First is, WordPress has depreciated the support for jQuery and second, there is an issue with pagination. Let’s have a look at what these two exactly are?

The jQuery issue


Thank You Canada! Cineplex to Reopen Its Entire Circuit of Theatres Tomorrow

Cineplex, one of Canada’s leading entertainment and media companies, will be the first of the major film exhibitors in the world to reopen its entire circuit of theatres when its remaining theatres open this Friday. From coast-to-coast, all 164 Cineplex theatres and 1,687 screens across Canada will be open as of tomorrow, including the Company’s 22 VIP Cinemas locations.


Why Cheap SEO Costs Too Much

During a recession, companies rethink their budgets.

Every organization is looking for ways to spend less money, and to spend the money they have more efficiently.


Four Technologies to Future-Proof Your Digital Workplace

The digital workplace is made up of a set of critical technologies that allow workers to access all their work information and to communicate and collaborate on core projects and activities.


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