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One Degree Monday August 24 2020

Apple’s Fortnite ban, explained

Epic Games, the creator of the hugely popular game Fortnite, is suing the company, claiming that its App Store practices violate the Sherman Act. Epic says that Apple’s requirement that all mobile apps come through its App Store (and the 30 percent commission Apple charges for app sales and in-app purchases) is a monopoly, and that Epic — as well as its fellow developers and their customers — should have alternatives.


Immigration fraud in Canada, foreign workers should be cautious

Some mock job recruiters and fake immigration consultants are reportedly engaging in schemes and setting up scams to entice immigrants to send them money.


Cheap SEO Costs Too Much – Here’s Why

We are in a recession.

During a recession, companies rethink their budgets. Every organization is looking for ways to spend less money, and to spend the money they have more efficiently.


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