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One Degree Tuesday August 25 2020

If a crisis like COVID-19 hasn’t pushed government to take action to improve broadband access, what can?

When COVID-19 struck, the internet was the seatbelt that stopped us from catapulting through the windshield. By mid-March, workplaces had gone remote, schools moved to online learning, and videoconferencing became the best, safest way to stay in touch.


Five real reasons to attend Disrupt 2020 online

Why should you attend Disrupt 2020? We live in unprecedented times and face unprecedented challenges. But unprecedented opportunities are also part of this equation, and now is the time for creative startup minds and makers to go full-tilt disruptive.


Sustaining productivity in a virtual world

How was lockdown for your teams? Are they feeling stressed and isolated? Or has working from home turned out to be a productive, commute-free, work-in-comfy-clothes revelation? One thing seems certain: This global, flexible-working experiment has changed our professional routines, probably for good. In PwC US’s Remote Work Survey, conducted in June, 39 percent of U.S. executives said most of their office employees were working remotely at least one day a week before the pandemic. But during the COVID-19 crisis, almost everyone who could work exclusively from home did so.


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