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One Degree Wednesday September 9 2020

Students using social media to cope with COVID-19, research finds

University students are increasingly turning to social media as a way to cope with social isolation and stress during the COVID-19 pandemic, a Carleton University researcher says.


8 Silly But Harmful SEO Mistakes Even Professionals Make

Kicking yourself because of a recent SEO oversight? You’re not alone. SEO has become a complex field that simply getting down the basics can be a behemoth task.


Advancing Drone Technology Innovation in Government

For decades, government led the way on the development and use of new technologies. Everything from high-performance jet engines to GPS were spin-offs from the government into the commercial world.


ANALYSIS – News Corp on digital strategy and advertising revenue

News Corp, in separating for the first time the results of its robust Dow Jones business, has highlighted shrinking advertising in the rest of the media empire, including Australia.


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