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One Degree Wednesday September 16 2020

French language requirements in Québec: Part 1 – An introduction

The Charter of the French language (R.S.Q. c. C-11) (the French Charter) was adopted in 1977 by the Québec government to protect the French language. The French Charter gives the French language the status of official language in Québec, thus making the use of the French language mandatory in all spheres of public life in the province, including commerce and business.


Can We Amplify the Good and Contain the Bad of Social Media?

In his new book, The Hype Machine (Currency, 2020), MIT Sloan professor Sinan Aral takes on the greatest communications force of our lifetime: social media. Aral, who directs the MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy, provides an insightful and level-headed analysis of the power, peril, and potential of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other social platforms for both organizations and society.


Three Ways Marketers Apply Automation for SEO

Search Engine Optimization is essential because it enables your prospective customers to find you online. Selecting the right keywords that match popular search terms is an effective way to increase traffic.


Google announced one of the biggest green pledges from tech yet

Google just made one of Big Tech’s most ambitious environmental commitments: it will work to run its operations purely on carbon-free energy by 2030. It also announced that as of today, it has purchased enough carbon offsets to essentially cancel out all the planet-heating carbon dioxide emissions the company has released since it was founded in 1998.


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