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One Degree Friday September 18 2020

Why Are Celebrities “Freezing” Their Social Media Accounts Today?

What do Mark Ruffalo, Kim Kardashian West, and Katy Perry have in common? They’re all “freezing” their Instagram accounts on Wednesday. These celebs, among a handful more, including Demi Lovato, Leonardo DiCaprio, Naomi Campbell, and Jennifer Lawrence, are participating in a vow of Instagram silence for 24 hours as a protest against the misinformation and hate speech allowed on Instagram and Facebook, its parent company. It’s the Stop Hate for Profit campaign, and it’s already divisive.


Google can now scan malicious files for Advanced Protection users

Google’s Advanced Protection program aims to protect high-profile people who are especially at risk of being targeted by online attacks with extra security features in Chrome, and it’s adding a new feature today. Those enrolled will be able to send files that Advanced Protection suspects are malicious to be scanned in full by Google’s Safe Browsing malware-detection technology.


Eight Considerations When Allocating A Social Media Budget

The entire marketing world knows how powerful a well-funded social media campaign can be when growing a brand image. It can be challenging for smaller entrepreneurs to determine how much money should go into this part of your marketing, as there are several dozen social media channels that you can invest in. How do you determine how much money to dedicate to one or more of those social media accounts?


Canadian police using tech that tries to predict potential crimes, monitor private chat rooms, report finds

A new report out of the University of Toronto raises concerns about the Waterloo Region Police Service’s use of surveillance technology to monitor people’s online conversations.


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