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One Degree Monday September 21 2020

Netflix documentary ‘The Social Dilemma’ prompts social media users to rethink Facebook, Instagram and others

Social media users are re-evaluating whether they should have accounts on platforms like Facebook and Instagram after a new documentary-drama called “The Social Dilemma” dropped on Netflix.


10 Hidden Features in Google Search

We normally use Google Search when we need to find something we want(a website, movie, app … anything). In addition, it offers some awesome features which are kind of hidden.


How Big Brands Can Go Local With Digital Marketing Strategies

Reaching consumers at a local level isn’t just for mom and pop stores. Major businesses like Chipotle and Walmart rely on effectively connecting with consumers in the communities where their businesses are. Unfortunately, according to a new survey from Forrester, The Localized Marketing Imperative, 77% of surveyed multinational brands find it very challenging to execute local-digital marketing strategies across all their stores.


Hitting the Books: How social media keeps us clicking

The Pandoras Box that is social media has fundamentally altered our society in ways that we have yet to fully reckon — a digital ecosystem that has sprung up, seemingly overnight, to become a pervasive and ubiquitous part of our daily lives. In The Hype Machine, MIT professor and entrepreneur Sinan Aral examines how some of the biggest social platforms in the world are built, how they operate, and how (as well as how much) they actually influence our decision making. In the excerpt below, Aral takes us inside our own heads to see why our brains, hardwired for social interaction as they are, so easily fall prey to the siren song of social media.


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