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One Degree Tuesday September 22 2020

Dangers of Deep Fakes

Privacy is a myth in the world of the internet! We are sure you must have read some of the other forms of this quote, and there is no denying that this one is false! With so many lawsuits being filed against either Google, Facebook, or other Internet companies, putting our data at risk has been a major concern.


How Quickly Can a Girl Go Viral on TikTok?

A girl sits alone on an ugly couch, stroking a plastic fish and mouthing the words to Jason Derulo’s “Ridin’ Solo.” Her eyes are bloodshot. She puts on sunglasses to cover them up, just as Derulo says he does in the song.


How companies can transform information into insight

As the coronavirus pandemic unfolded, one leading global engineering and technology services company found itself well positioned to meet unprecedented challenges. The firm had kicked off a digital transformation project the year before, including investing in a data and analytics program equipped with advanced tools. For example, it enhanced digital collaboration among engineers using next-generation design software, it automated resource allocation based on skill sets, and it offered business reporting on executive mobile devices.


This Is Why You Need To Turn Off Social Media Notifications

I’m a social media ghostwriter, so it’s literally my job to be active on social media. If I’m not helping leaders craft their stories and experiences into compelling and concise posts for them to share, I’m writing, publishing, and engaging with my own content.


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