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One Degree Monday September 28 2020

‘Data is the new oil’: Feds plan to tax tech giants on Canadian user data, ad buys

The federal government plans to tax tech and internet giants on their data collection and ad buys in a bid to establish some sort of regulatory framework, according to Canadian Heritage Minister Steven Guilbeault, a move privacy experts say will see the feds profit off of privacy abuses.


Social media and COVID shaming: Fighting a toxic combination

In the spring, Rick Rose drew the wrath of strangers after he practically shouted on Facebook that he wasn’t buying a face mask. Two months later, he contracted COVID-19 — and, he posted, he was struggling to breathe. Days later, on July 4, he was dead.


Infographic: 3 Data Science Methods for SEO

At a time when data science is becoming more and more present in the habits of marketers and companies, our friends over at OnCrawl shows how data science can be a real game changer for SEO. The infographic below presents 3 ways to use data science to take your SEO strategy to the next level.



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