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One Degree Sunday October 4 2020

Apple Confirms Serious New Problems For iPhone Users

In iOS 14, iPhone owners have received one of the best generational upgrades in years, but it is far from bug free. And now Apple has just confirmed a number of serious problems for upgraders.


Google wakes up from its VR daydream

Daydream, Google’s  mobile-focused virtual reality platform, is losing official support from Google, Android Police reports. The company confirmed that it will no longer be updating the Daydream software, with the publication noting that “Daydream may not even work on Android 11” as a result of this.


What to look for in an SEO company ecommerce

Making more noticeable your online store in the search engine result pages is basically called Ecommerce SEO. As we all know very well that people usually search for products online as in today’s world, buying things by online surfing is easier than going to markets and purchase something. If someone has an online store, he must want to rank highly as much as possible to get more traffic when people search for his products. This is what eCommerce SEO works for the rising ranks of online stores on search engine pages.


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