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One Degree Monday October 5 2020

Fake video threatens to rewrite history. Here’s how to protect it

Since deepfakes burst onto the scene a few years ago, many have worried that they represent a grave threat to our social fabric. Creators of deepfakes use artificial intelligence-based neural network algorithms to craft increasingly convincing forgeries of video, audio, and photography almost as if by magic. But this new technology doesn’t just threaten our present discourse. Soon, AI-generated synthetic media may reach into the past and sow doubt into the authenticity of historical events, potentially destroying the credibility of records left behind in our present digital era.


How to Advertise Your New Canadian Franchise

The concern with any new franchise is how you’ll get the word out there to the customers you need to thrive and grow your business. While your franchisor may help you by advertising on a national level, you need to reach the people in your community who will become your customer base, and this is where advertising will come in.


Saskatchewan Party candidate resigns following concerns over social media posts

The Saskatchewan Party says a candidate has resigned over social media posts.

Party communications director Jim Billington said in a statement Saturday afternoon that “the content and views” Saskatoon Eastview candidate Daryl Cooper “interacted with on social media” were “concerning.”


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