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One Degree Wednesday October 7 2020

When it’s “us vs. them” in the executive suite

When a CEO takes the helm, there are two schools of thought regarding turnover in the top management team. Some argue big changes in the executive suite are necessary, because CEOs can more quickly put their stamp on the firm if they bring in their own people. This “sweep-out effect,” as scholars call it, enables a new CEO to enact operational and cultural changes with a clean slate, unencumbered by executives beholden to the previous regime or the status quo.


Global Affairs Canada Renews And Expands Its Responsible Business Conduct Strategy For Canadian Companies Abroad

Global Affairs Canada is renewing its strategy for supporting Canadian companies’ Responsible Business Conduct (RBC) abroad. While previous iterations were focused on the extractive sector, Global Affairs Canada is expanding the RBC strategy to address all economic sectors. Feedback received by October 16, 2020 will be considered in developing this strategy, anticipated to guide Canada’s support for Canadian business abroad over the next five years. These developments highlight the need for Canadian companies in all sectors to monitor their activities abroad and develop strategies to ensure appropriate conduct. The Issue Paper, published by the Government of Canada, suggests that the government is paying close attention to these matters and is likely to take further action in this area going forward.


How to Avoid Mistaking Correlation for Causation in SEO

There are a lot of SEO studies out there, but not all of them are made equal. Here’s how to decide if X is really affected by Y, or merely a coincidence.


Email Marketing Trends & Stats to Know for 2021

Did you know that email marketing is about 40 years old? The first marketing email was sent nearly 40 years ago by a marketer named Gary Thuerk from Digital Equipment Corporation. Thuerk sent an email promoting his company to roughly 400 people, which generated a huge spike in emails. (Yes Lifecycle Marketing)
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