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One Degree Thursday October 8 2020

Netflix indicted by a Texas grand jury over ‘lewd depictions’ in Cuties

Netflix has been indicted in Texas on charges that the film Cuties contains lewd depictions of children. The indictment follows controversial backlash from conservative groups over certain scenes in the film where young girls dance provocatively.


How Your Brand Can Use Social Media To Increase Word Of Mouth

Social media users are constantly commenting on brands, products, and services, recommending the ones they like and pointing out problems with the ones they don’t. There are entire social media platforms, like Yelp, that are devoted solely to reviews of businesses.


Six building blocks for revitalized B2B marketing and sales

If you’re a B2B company leader, you know how important face time is. Sales visits, trade shows, and demonstrations present opportunities to engage with customers and highlight your knowledge, experience, and ability to solve problems at scale — key differentiating factors that can make or break your growth curve.


What to Do When Your SEO Competitors Are Up to No Good

This week’s Ask An SEO question is from Fernanda in São Paulo:

“My new competitor is doing a black hat SEO strategy and it’s clearly working for him. He scaled up very quickly in Google rankings and I can see what he is doing through SEMrush platform. I tried to report to Google, but apparently, nothing happened. What else can I do?”


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