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One Degree Wednesday October 14 2020

Consumer companies must take leaps, not steps

Not long ago, most people went to work at a workplace — not in their basements or bedrooms. Homeschooling was a rarity. And buying groceries online was something relatively few shoppers were comfortable doing.


The election is being fought on social media amid the pandemic

The day after a widely panned debate performance in late September, President Donald Trump turned to a tried-and-true strategy: Scathing ads on Facebook Inc.’s social-media platform stoking false claims about immigrants that were quickly taken down.


CRA $500 Digital News Tax Credit: Brand-New 2020 Tax Refund!

A year before the coronavirus outbreak, the government of Canada was already preparing to boost Canadian journalism. When COVID-19 hit, the situation in the news media industry turned for the worse. Advertising revenues dropped significantly and became a predicament. Publishers think revenues will return at least one year after the pandemic.


Should all strategy be digital or is digital part of your strategy?

This session is particularly relevant now. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, charities everywhere have had to quickly up their digital strategy, with some organisations starting from scratch completely. Digital is becoming such an important part of charity operations that it begs the question – “Should all strategy be digital or is digital part of a strategy?”


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