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One Degree Thursday October 15 2020

Biden campaign enlists Canadian gaming company to reach young voters

In the final stretch of the U.S. presidential election race, the Biden-Harris campaign has enlisted the help of a Canadian gaming company to reach Gen Z and Millennial voters.


What is an office for now?

Last year, I wrote a column asking a question that is posed every time some new communications technology — telephones, the Internet, video conferencing — threatens to change how people do things at work: What exactly is an office for?


How To Host A Successful Virtual Event On Social Media

While virtual events have been increasing in the past five years, the Covid-19 pandemic made this type of event mandatory. Social distancing guidelines and travel regulations have made large gatherings nearly impossible; however, organizations worldwide have adapted to new rules and created virtual events.


5 Digital Solutions to Help Your Business Take Off

Digital transformation is changing the way businesses operate successfully, especially in the age of COVID. It has not only allowed companies to continue operating when hit with unexpected circumstances as with the pandemic, but also to reach new heights of production and efficiency.


What tools can I use to improve my SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is something that has always seemed too complex for most people to learn, that’s why they rely on specialists. And while a specialist can bring additional insight and experience to bear, you would be surprised that there are a range of tools available (some free) that can help you to learn about SEO, and use it to inform your decisions right now. Some of these are from Google themselves! Most of the tools you can download or buy will be using, at least in part, Google’s own data, so you can take it straight from the source and learn your own lessons along the way. Blogs from companies we mention below, like Moz and Yoast are great for learning skills and to get an idea about what’s changing in the SEO industry.


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