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One Degree Wednesday October 21 2020

The 25 best and worst work trends of the past 25 years

When Fast Company first appeared in 1995 declaring that “Work is Personal,” the workplace looked vastly different than it does today. Many of the changes mirror the tech advances of the past two and a half decades (Slack replaced email which replaced faxes, for example). But the real workplace evolution has been in making work more personal—for both better and worse.


How to get an online ESL teaching gig and take your life on the road

NOT MANY JOBS give you the opportunity to travel freely and control your own schedule. It’s no secret that there is high demand almost everywhere in the world for native English teachers, but working in a school or university, or as an au pair, isn’t the best option for everyone. Those who are looking for more flexibility (and I mean much more flexibility) than a traditional teaching job, teaching ESL online is a great route to explore.


How To Build Trust In A Changing Market

Will Rogers is attributed to have written, “Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.” While that sentiment could be applied to most things in life, it seems especially relevant in the ever-changing world of digital marketing.


Expert: How live events can work with digital strategy

One of the biggest buzz phrases for 2020, other than lockdown, has been digital transformation. But, as more and more people turn online for shopping and entertainment because of coronavirus lockdowns the digital transformation of brands has become even more important. We asked a digital expert how brands can use live-but-online events to strengthen their digital performance.


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