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One Degree Wednesday October 29 2020

Get your company in shape by redefining how people work

Moving at digital speed, thin margins, nonstop competition, disruption…and a pandemic? It’s not easy to run a business these days. Many leaders are eager to adopt ways of working that will help them become elastic, adaptable, and able to weather bigger storms.


How to Decorate Your Online Marketing for the Holidays

When you’re marketing for a small business, you’re at least a month ahead of everything else. Or at least you try to be.


Google is partnering with the Associated Press for election results

Google is partnering with the Associated Press to provide authoritative results for next week’s election alongside other voting-related features. Searching for election results will bring up a dedicated feature with up-to-date information, either on the web or through Google Assistant on smart speaker


The beginner’s guide to church SEO

Everyone can benefit from a third-party endorsement where someone recommends what you’re offering. Wouldn’t it be great for a trusted friend to recommend your church?


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