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One Degree Thursday October 29 2020

Social media: Is it really biased against US Republicans?

Their chief executives will be grilled by senators about whether social media companies abuse their power.

For Republicans, this is the opportunity they’ve been waiting for.


Government needs ‘intestinal fortitude’ to save media from tech giants

News Media Canada, of which this publication is a member, is asking the Canadian government to implement new measures that would save media companies from being bled dry by tech giants such as Google and Facebook.


Jon Stewart returns to TV with new current affairs show for Apple TV+

The former anchor of Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show” will host a new current affairs series for the tech company’s nascent streaming service, Apple (AAPL) announced Tuesday. It will be a part of a new production deal that the comedian has signed with the company.


Working from home is not a digital strategy – let’s look beyond the crisis!

At the beginning of spring, when the COVID-19 pandemic started gaining dramatic momentum and forced companies to change how they operate, it became clear that this crisis would trigger substantial changes in the way we work and collaborate.


Google Runs Ads on Election Conspiracy Theory Sites, Study Finds

Google has placed advertisements on six websites that violate the company’s own rules by publishing “misinformation and potentially dangerous claims about the electoral process,” according to a new report from a digital watchdog.



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