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One Degree Tuesday November 3 2020

Canadian Schoolboys Are Wearing Skirts To Protest School Dress Codes

A movement has begun in Québec, Canada, against school dress codes. Posts of boys wearing uniform skirts to protest dress codes have circulated around social media. The boys are specifically protesting the overly restrictive rules regarding skirts that are present in many Canadian high schools. School rules dictate that skirts cannot be anything less than 10 centimeters above the knee. In response, these high school boys are fighting against sexism, oversexualization of female bodies, homophobia and toxic masculinity.


How to Use (or Not Use) Social Media During the 2020 Election

Please join me on your smartphone’s home screen.


Strengthening the Digital Literacy of Canadians during COVID-19

In recognition of Financial Literacy Month in November, the Canadian Bankers Association (CBA) today announced a year-long sponsorship of ABC Life Literacy Canada (ABC)’s program ABC Internet Matters. The program provides introductory digital literacy education for Canadian seniors who are not using the internet and adult learners who have a gap on the digital curve, some of whom may feel digitally disconnected due to the coronavirus pandemic.


KNOW THE DRILL: Street gangs weaponizing social media

A suspected member of a downtown street gang allegedly urged his social media followers to “shoot everyone” in a rival gang’s neighbourhood a couple of months ago, according to cops.


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