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One Degree Friday November 6 2020

How U.S. political advertising, social media strategy could shape Canada’s next federal election campaigns

The day after a recent game of chicken in the House of Commons that could have brought down the government and sent Canadians to the polls, Elections Canada declared it was ready to run a snap election during a pandemic. However, are Canada’s voters and politicians ready?


Announcing the Media AOY finalists

Yesterday the curtain was drawn on the Design and PR nominees for this year’s Agency of the Year awards. Today, strategy and MiC reveal those agencies in the running for a trophy in the Media category.


COVID has put pressure on Ottawa to improve its digital services

COVID-19 has forced governments at all levels to adapt to public demands for better access to government information and services, while the federal public servants who deliver them are largely working from home.


Get the old Google icons back with this Chrome extension

Life is in constant flux, but experiencing change during the extremely uncertain time we’re all going through is especially maddening. Luckily, you can still eke out some semblance of control in your web browser — this new Chrome extension created by designer Claudio Postinghel lets you replace Google’s newly redesigned but confusingly similar icons for the old ones (via Gizmodo).


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