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One Degree Wednesday November 18 2020

Boycotts unsettle boards

In this partisan era, companies can find themselves targeted by boycotts from either end of the political spectrum. And it’s during high-profile crises of brand identity that board members can truly prove their worth, imparting insight to executives and reassuring shareholders. But what happens when directors agree with the political bent of the boycott? According to a new study, it’s possible these directors will act on their personal convictions and exit the board.


The History Of Technology Innovation: Making A Better World

In times of uncertainty, it may seem difficult to remain optimistic. Yet, a look at historic trends show a world that is slowly getting better in many crucial areas.


Those New G-Suite Logos Everyone Hates? They’re Actually a Smart Idea

Anytime a company alters an iconic logo — or one that’s merely familiar — it inevitably faces a cry of public backlash. It’s only human nature: People are inherently wary of change, and the default knee-jerk reaction to any logo change is skepticism or downright hostility. For recent examples, look no further than Airbnb’s Bélo symbol, which Gizmodo declared “the sexual Rorschach test for our time”; Uber’s “atom and bit” logo (since expired); and Spotify’s crooked frequency waves.


Facebook Adds More Ways for Creators to Track and Monetize Their Content on Facebook and Instagram

Facebook’s looking to help content creators maximize their revenue opportunities by providing more ways for them to claim monetization rights when their content is re-posted across The Social Network, while it’s also giving more creators access to its content claim tools.





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