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One Degree Thursday November 19 2020


The Mac mini has always been Apple’s most flexible desktop computer. Sure, most people go for the traditional experience and plug in a display, mouse, and keyboard — but you can also have it serve as a home theater PC, or put it to work with professional photo or audio editing, or turn a group of minis into a server farm. Apple opened new possibilities for the mini with the big upgrade it got in 2018, and two years later, it’s one of the first three Macs to transition away from Intel processors and showcase the potential of Apple silicon and the M1 chip. (It’s also worth noting that Apple was using the mini as its early Arm test unit for developers, so the company was already partway to a consumer product.)


Maturing your digital strategy through customer centricity

Viewing all of your actions, whether proactive or reactive, through the lens of your customer is the best way to ensure you’re continually adding value for them.


How Important Are Backlinks for SEO?

“1. I have worked on multiple projects. I have seen websites with 1,000 backlinks beat websites with 100,000 backlinks. And the same 1,000 backlinks site beaten by a content currating/stealing(copy paste content with a backlink to source) website.
So, how important are backlinks as ranking factors?


Google Maps updates help you cope with the pandemic

Google has announced a handful of improvements coming to Google Maps including updates to its COVID overlay, takeout ordering features, and real-time crowdedness information for public transport. Alongside them, the company says the Google Assistant driving mode, which gives you access to features like voice controls for music while you’re driving, is launching in preview in the US.



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