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One Degree Tuesday December 1 2020

Media literacy is the new alphabet: why everyone needs to know how to read the news

To the untrained eye, a video of Stella Immanuel, an American doctor, appears completely legitimate. Immanuel, while wearing her white coat and standing in front of the U.S. Supreme Court building, says she knows how to prevent further COVID-19 deaths. With a line of other people wearing white lab coats behind her, she assures that the virus has a cure: hydroxychloroquine.


Canada: Privacy Law For The Digital Economy: The New Digital Charter Implementation Act

f you have less than one minute to read about Canada’s new privacy bill, this summary tells you what you need to know by answering two questions: (1) what are the major changes proposed under this new Bill? (2) what does this mean for your business?


Social media and news fatigue: why we need to be mindful when consuming the news

From civil unrest to pandemics and wildfires, 2020 has become a symbol of the culmination of all potential despondency, with a shadow of bleakness looming over us at all hours of the day. And a real-time log of it all is right at our fingertips.


SEO Success Is a Moving Target, but Good Content Will Always Be Crucial

Though its tweaks are typically minor, some changes are a lot heftier. In just the past two years, Google rolled out nine significant updates, including several deemed “Broad Core Algorithm Updates.” And, while the search behemoth is traditionally tight-lipped about what each update entails, typically its goal is to evolve how its 200 SEO ranking factors—such as inbound versus outbound links—are scored in search results.



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