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One Degree Thursday December 3 2020

Canada’s local news deserts

It was the first time reporter Pat Healey was the story. In 2017, people from the rural Nova Scotia communities Healey covers raised $13,000 for his dentures. Dozens of people, including the local MLA, packed into a community hall for a celebration. Healey, who with his usual flat cap, suspenders and plaid resembles a fisherman more than a newsman, stood smiling in the corner surrounded by well-wishers.


Shopify Merchants Break Records with $5.1+ Billion in Worldwide Sales over Black Friday/Cyber Monday Weekend

Shopify Inc. (NYSE:SHOP)(TSX:SHOP), a leading global commerce company, announced today Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend results, with sales of $5.1 + billion from the more than one million Shopify-powered brands around the world. From November 27 through November 30, total sales grew by 76 % from the $2.9+ billion reported for Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend in 2019, a record that was surpassed this year on Saturday, November 28, at 5:00pm ET.


What are the 6 most important on-page SEO factors?

For those looking to expand their business online, the most important source of traffic is search engines, as over 90% of traffic internationally comes from search engines. Improving search engine optimization (SEO) is therefore essential to generate more sales of products or services.


9 Best Online Marketing Channels for You to Try in 2021

Since the market is highly volatile and emerging with new trends, you should keep testing the best digital marketing platforms.


Google Maps takes on Facebook with launch of its own news feed

People are getting frustrated that Stories are everywhere now, but Google Maps is keeping it old school. Instead of adding tiny circles to the top of the app’s screen, Google  Maps is introducing its own news feed. Technically, Google calls its new feature the “Community Feed,” as it includes posts from a local area. However, it’s organized as any other news feed would be — a vertically scrollable feed with posts you can “Like” by tapping on a little thumbs-up icon.




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