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One Degree Monday December 7 2020

What the Pandemic Means for Health Care’s Digital Transformation

As health care organizations grapple with responding to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and adapting their operations to continue to fulfill other aspects of their care mission, they must also begin to define and prepare for the future of care amid economic, regulatory, and social uncertainties. What might the post-Covid-19 landscape look like? How can health systems address a range of possible challenges? What are the opportunities to revolutionize care?


Joining Social Media Pods: The Pros & Cons to Consider

You spend hours putting together a brilliant Instagram post.

It has all the winning elements that make up great social media posts: uniqueness, relevancy, tact, and flair.


Google widely criticized after parting ways with a leading voice in AI ethics

Many Google employees and others in the tech and academic communities are furious over the sudden exit from Google of a pioneer in the study of ethics in artificial intelligence—a departure they see as a failure by an industry titan to foster an environment supportive of diversity.


10 Ways Website Structure Can Affect SEO

The way a site and its pages are organized can impact SEO visibility more than you realize. Learn how to address common site structure issues here.


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